Website Disclaimer

This website is operated by Filmbank Distributors Ltd. a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with company number 1021212 and with its registered address at Warner House, 98 Theobald's Road, London, WC1X 8WB, England. Vat Reg No: GB 446 029455

Cancellation Policy

Filmbankmedia accepts cancellations on screenings prior to your first screening on the following basis:

  1. In order to cancel the booking of a Film, Exhibitor must notify Filmbankmedia by written notice to Filmbankmedia via email. Cancellations may not be made by telephone.
  2. If the Exhibitor chooses to cancel the booking of a Film, the Exhibitor shall be liable to pay to Filmbankmedia a cancellation fee.
  3. If the Exhibitor chooses to cancel the booking of a Film within twenty four (24) hours of the Event, Exhibitor will be liable to pay the License Fee in respect of that Screening, in addition to the payments specified in Clause 2.6 above.
  4. Filmbankmedia shall be entitled to cancel a Booking Confirmation at no charge to Filmbankmedia or Exhibitor on reasonable grounds, including without limitation the non-availability or withdrawal of any Materials or Film.
  5. Where Filmbankmedia has reasonable grounds to believe that Exhibitor may be involved in unauthorised screenings, Exhibitor shall pay all associated costs and charges for such unauthorised screenings, including but not limited to the applicable Licence Fee and costs of Materials.

For full details, please review your licence’s terms and conditions.